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2013 Eviction Report

EDC is proud to announce the release of their second annual Eviction Report. This report compiles hundreds of stories from EDC clients and analyzes the state of eviction in San Francisco. To learn more, view our 2013 Eviction Report.

EDC Wins Another Trial, Fights Tenant Displacement

SAN FRANCISCO – The Eviction Defense Collaborative (“EDC”) - San Francisco’s primary eviction defense legal services agency - prevailed in its third jury trial victory since July 2013 when the verdict was announced on May 14. The win preserves the long-term home of a Spanish-speaking family that has lived in the Mission District for the past 19 years. The landlord accused them of not paying their rent - even though family repeatedly tried to pay the rent at issue. Their young children – who attend the local public schools and are intimately involved in their neighborhood community - have lived with rats and damaged flooring for years.

EDC’s lead trial counsel on the case, Deepa Varma, said “the jury didn’t want to evict this family once they found out about the deplorable conditions these kids were living in – no one should have to live like that.” The family was emotional after hearing the verdict. They said they didn’t know what they would have done if they were evicted. In this climate of rising rents and San Francisco’s affordability crisis, EDC is proud to stand with and fight for individuals and families who may not otherwise receive legal representation – typically 90% of tenants face their fast-paced eviction case without an attorney, representing themselves. If you would like more information about the EDC or want to donate/get involved, please visit our website at

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EDC Fills Major Gap in Legal Services

The EDC is thrilled to announce its new Trial Project. This vital service, which began December 2012, will fill a significant deficiency in San Francisco’s eviction defense model, meeting the needs of tenants at this most vulnerable stage in the eviction process. Previously, tenants who did not settle their cases at the court mandated settlement conference had extremely limited access to trial attorneys and the majority were unrepresented. With this new project, we will review all unsettled cases, identify needed legal and factual research, attempt to place cases for referral when possible, and represent tenants at trial. Our attorneys know the cases and the tenants, we feel comfortable negotiating on the eve of trial, and we have experience working with tenants in crisis. This means that tenants will now have strong allies at one of the most important phases in a case and, as a byproduct, negotiation at court mandated settlement conferences can be more even-handed.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance
The Eviction Defense Collaborative provides counseling and legal help to tenants during the eviction process. Programs include preparing a response to the lawsuit, limited representation at the settlement conference, and preparation of requests for delays of the sheriff's eviction.

Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance
The Rental Assistance Program provides one-time, no-interest loans to tenants at risk of losing their residence and becoming homeless. Follow the link for more information on who we help, how we help, and if we can help you.

Los Servicios de EDC

Los Servicios de EDC
En nuestro centro de consulta legal, nosotros proveemos información a los inquilinos sobre los derechos legales que tienen durante el proceso de desalojo, preparamos documentos para pueden responder a la demanda de desalojo, y explicamos los procedimientos que hay que seguir para poder defenderse en el tribunal.


Our award-winning internship program gives law students hands-on experience. Members of the community are also active in volunteering as Eviction Defense Advocates. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization! Join us!

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